Root Chakra Bracelet





This energy center is located at the base of your spine.  When it is balanced, you feel deeply connected to the earth, safe and grounded.  It allows you to feel stable and secure.  You honor your values and your truth.  You are happy and confident that you have enough.  You posses an inner strength that carries you through life.



These spiritual beads are sourced straight from Nepal and carry a natural beautiful fragrance that soothes and calms your entire aura.  It promotes tranquility and positive energy.  It is known to enhance your meditation by keeping your mind in a pure and clear state.  It is said to relax your anxiety and promote stress relief.  These beads will awaken your divine connection.


"I am grounded and secure enough to live in content."



  • all beads are 8mm in size
  • authentic sandalwood straight from Nepal
  • each bracelet comes carefully packaged in a jewelry box and a hand stamped Kema Earth muslin pouch along with information cards and care instructions
  • all handmade with love using high quality gemstone beads
  • each bracelet sold separately



*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


We only use natural gemstones and spiritual seeds derived from the earth, so slight variations in shades and any unique markings may be expected.