How to cleanse and activate your beads

Before Using Your Mala:



Mala beads absorb and store negative energy from the environment, people and simply the world we live in.  They can become saturated with this negative energy and therefore need to be cleansed not only before you start to wear them for the first time, but on a regular basis as well.  This will ensure they function at their highest frequency.

Even though Kema Earth takes pride in properly cleansing and infusing each piece with Reiki energy for the intent to serve your highest good, it is also inevitable that some unwanted energies can be picked up during travel and shipping from us to you.

It is also important that you do not share your Mala beads with anyone as it will absorb that person's energy.


How To Remove The Unwanted Energy:


  • burning (smudging) white sage or palo santo over your beads
  • placing them in direct sunlight for a few hours
  • leaving them in the moonlight overnight (during full moon periods are most effective)
  • placing your Mala in a singing bowl and ringing the edges


As you are performing any of the above, mentally envision the unwanted energy dissipating from your Mala beads.





Now that your beads are cleansed, they are ready to be activated and charged with your sacred intention for them.  Find a quiet space where you can sit with your eyes closed.  With a calm and clear mind, state your intention for your mala beads as you hold them in the palm of your hand.  Your intention will be found when you quietly look within yourself at what you are currently aiming for in your life, or desiring to manifest.  What goals within you are you trying to work on?  It is also helpful to connect the meaning of your stone(s) to your intention.

eg.   Amazonite is the communication stone and opens your throat chakra allowing you to speak your highest truth with confidence.  Your intention for that may be...

"I speak my highest truth with confidence and ease."