Caring for your Mala

Your Mala beads are very precious, sacred stones and should be handled with love and utmost care.



  • Immersing in water of any kind should be avoided completely (swimming / showering)
  • avoid sleeping with them on as it can cause excessive wear, especially to the tassel.
  • any chemicals such as cleaners, perfumes, etc should not be sprayed on your Mala as it can cause damage. 
  • oxidation & tarnishing is common with any metal accents, and will need polishing occasionally.  A dry polishing cloth with gentle pressure works well.
  • gently roll your bracelet on / off your wrist.  Avoid pulling at the elastic cord to ensure it does not weaken over time.





The threads on your tassel are made of beautiful pure silk.  It is very common for your tassel to wrinkle, crumple or get unruly through wear or storage.  This simply represents a mala that has been well worn for great intentions!  Nothing is truly perfect in our lives and the beauty comes with all of our imperfections.  To correct, very simply wet your fingers and run them through the tassel to smooth it out and straighten it.  Store tassel either lying flat or hanging up to allow it to dry straight.