• The quality of Kema earth is like no other I have come across!  The energy felt from these beads is truly special as well as the love and intention put into each piece.  I just adore my Mala!


  • I just LOVE all of my pieces that I have collected over time from Kema Earth!  I look forward to adding a new bracelet to my collection every month!  Her jewelry inspires me to keep connected to my intentions.  Thank you for your beautiful creations!

    Krista M

  • Thank you Kema Earth for the gift of grounding.  Wearing your Malas not only enhances my fashion aesthetic, but it also gives me a sense of connection to Mother Earth.  Your Passion and Love for what you create is felt in every Mala.  THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR ENERGY WITH US!


  • Kema Earth shares with us her unique and sacred treasures.  I feel her love and intention in every beautiful bead that passes through my fingers lifting me to higher vibrations of love and focus on my journey of mantra medicine and healing.  I love your work, the gift that you are sharing with the world.


  • ~ Men's Jewelry ~

    I was so THRILLED to see that Kema Earth has a Collection just for MEN! It has been so challenging to find well made, good quality men's jewelry, until now!  I wear my stack of 3 bracelets every where I go...it is just part of my daily attire.


  • As someone who practices yoga everyday, I am grateful to have come across these gorgeous Malas!  My Mala is on me always throughout the day, and when I practice my yoga, I lay my Mala at the top of my mat as a reminder of my intentions and for inspiration.  Thank you for the connection I have felt from these energetic beads!