About Us

Welcome to KEMA EARTH!

~ Namaste ~

I am so happy you have connected with us!  I am Lisa, the founder and designer of Kema Earth.  I am honored that you have found us and excited to help inspire YOU to live your best life with INTENTION.

"Kema" stands for the two greatest teachers in my life ~ my children Keanu and Malia, who along with my husband, inspire me everyday to live in the present moment and to live with intention.  Simplicity and inner peace are important to me.  The inspiration to start creating these high vibrational Malas came to me one day as I was sitting still in meditation, in the warmth along the beach, in the beautiful Carribean island of St.Kitts & Nevis, our former home of 12 years, a place that I can dedicate the start of my spiritual journey to...

I was born and raised in Toronto, spent most of my adult life living in the Carribean, and now reside in beautiful South Florida, where I design and hand make each Mala.


    Meditation has played such an important role in my life, cultivating an INNER PEACE within, that easily deflects what does not serve my highest good. My goal is to help empower you by consciously connecting you with the energy of these mindfully made Malas.  Discover the healing power of meditating with these beads, allowing you to stay grounded and centered. If meditation is not your thing, then no worries, by simply wearing these stones, it keeps you focused and inspired on your intentions and goals, because they are a constant visual reminder.  It keeps you connected to your truth.  You will see how the miraculous power of your intentions manifest naturally into infinite possibilities to create a life you want!


    Kema Earth jewelry inspires you to live mindfully by setting your clear intentions and focusing on them.


    Clarity + a Fierce Intention = a Powerful Combo!


    I carefully handcraft each bracelet and hand knot all 108 beads on the Mala necklace with love.  All finished pieces are cleared of any unwanted energy and infused with pure Reiki energy with the intent to serve your highest good before being shipped to you.

    It is of utmost importance to me to only incorporate high quality semi precious gemstone beads and authentic Sandalwood, Rudraksha, Bodhi and Lotus seeds into my pieces.  That allows YOU to bask in the high vibrations felt from wearing these Malas, knowing that they originate straight from the earth. Feel the energy of the earth in our jewelry!


    What is my mantra?   "Keep life simple, lead with love and promote oneness amongst us all."


    Join me in the journey of awakening your abundance within!


    One Love,


    Kema Earth ~ creating inner peace